The ILLC PhD council organises the following events: PhD day, The PhD & MoL day, Life after ILLC. Below, you can see a list of upcoming and past events organised by the PhD council.

Recently, a new initiative from students Ex Falso has been established which aims to organise different sort of social events on a regular basis, so also check out their pages for what is going on.

Upcoming and past event

Event Information:

  • Wed

    PhD day, October 2016

    11:00F1.15, Science Park 107

    On October 5, the PhD council is organizing the next PhD day. This is a meeting for all ILLC PhDs. We will welcome those who started recently and talk about current developments to the continuing PhDs. This is also an opportunity for us all to discuss any issues that we might have as a group.


    11:00-11:30 - Introduction for the new PhDs about practicalities of being a PhD candidate at ILLC (e.g. TA allocation) and activities of the PhD council.
    11:30-12:00 – Other PhD candidates join. PhD programme director Raquel Fernández Rovira will give an overview of the programme and will have some time to answer your questions.
    12:00-12:30 – The PhD council updates everyone on the current developments/issues that we are working on. This is also a time for anyone to bring up a point they would like to discuss.
    12:30 (or earlier/later depending on the discussion) – Lunch



Regularly organised events

PhD day
PhD day is a meeting of all PhD candidates at ILLC which takes place twice a year, typically in September and February. At this meeting, the newcomers get introduced to the institute and work of the PhD Council. At the same time, recent developments at the institute concerning PhD candidates are discussed and everyone has a chance to bring up any issues they feel should be addressed. This meeting normally takes around 2 hours before midday and is ended with an organised lunch in a nearby cafe.

PhD and MoL day
This is an event with the aim to bring together MoL students and PhD candidates at ILLC and give them a chance to share their experiences and give advice to each other. This is typically a whole day event which takes place at the end of September. Traditionally, 3 MoL students and 3 PhDs give informal talks about their lives at the institute. Each talk lasts for around 15 minutes. There is also lunch and drinks. After that, a football match as well as other sport activities (e.g. frisbee, badminton) are organized.

Life after ILLC
Life after ILLC is a biannual event where several graduates of the MoL programme and several former PhD candidates are invited to come and give talks about their life and career after they left the institute. It is an occasion to talk about the possibilities in future for current members of the community as well as to see old friends for some. The event is ended with drinks (borrel) in a nearby cafe.